Why choose us?


We care about quality, that’s why it’s right in our business name. Quality comes from experience and caring about what you do. We have been in business for 30+ years, creating custom kitchens and cabinets for residential and commercial clients. We care about our work and strive to bring each customer a perfect product and satisfaction guaranteed.

What makes our business stand out? Here’s five things we pride ourselves on:

    1. Quality

      Please ask any of our customers what they liked best about our service. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and want it to speak for itself.

    2. Experience

      With over 35 years experience there’s very little we haven’t seen, or few designs we haven’t created. You can trust our experience on your job.

    3. Custom

      We’re not a big box store. You have options, choices and you dictate how you want your job done. 100% custom solutions is all we do.

    4. Selection

      We don’t sell prefabbed cabinets or offer just 3 or 4 options like big box stores. We will custom create whatever you want out of whatever you want it made out of.

    5. Personal

      There’s no middleman here, there’s no warehouse and ordering department either. You can walk into our shop and deal directly with us and we’re always available for your questions.